Resources for everyone
Resources for Young Makers / project teams
Resources for Mentors

Resources for Club Managers

  • Starting a club
  • Liability waiver sample
  • Mentors in Spring 2010 (to get a sense of who we had mentoring the youth in 2010)
  • Mentor Request Form
  • Complete list of mentors, club managers, and parent volunteers sorted by city
  • Project Match interest-and-skill surveys (we haven’t used these yet, but we think that something like this might help match Mentors and Members)
    • Project Match for Young Makers
    • Project Match for Mentors
  • Recruiting Materials
    • Large poster (color 11″x17″ with photos)
    • Flyers (black-and-white, half page, intended to be printed on both sides and cut in half)
    • Email invitation sample
    • Program synposis (a one-page overview of guiding principles and goals for the program, most useful with adults: Mentors, Club Managers, Shop Hosts,and Parent Volunteers)
    • Small poster (simple 8.5″x11″ with old logo and brief text)
    • American Society for Engineering Education article on the Young Makers Program
Resources for Shop Hosts
  • Tool Lending Libraries
    • Berkeley
    • Oakland
    • San Francisco
    • Santa Clara
    • Santa Rosa
    • Loma Linda (near Riverside in southern California)

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