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As a Young Maker -

Ranging in age from 8 to 18, Young Makers may be just starting on their making adventures, or they might already be well versed in sewing, papercraft, and woodworking. They may have never touched electronics or might be in the midst of programming their own robot and computing platform. Young Makers have the opportunity to make their own project, individually or with a team, to exhibit at Maker Faire, becoming part of are a community of makers and learners who inspire each other with their interests, curiosities, and abilities.

Young Makers and their families can join an existing club or start a new one! Once you start one, please remember to register your club.

As a mentor -

Mentors are adults or high school teens from the community who help Young Makers make, create, and iterate. Mentors may be parents, guardians, teachers and educators, and professionals from any field (art, carpentry, accounting, programming, design, writing, biology, etc.) who are excited to volunteer and help out in new ways. Mentors may help members find a project vision if they don’t already have one, and/or work to help realize that vision by working with one project or one group or floating between multiple projects and groups, lending their guidance and expertise in whichever form or fashion. Collectively, Young Makers and mentors foster a collaborative culture of creativity, innovation and experimentation.

If you’re interested in being a mentor, please sign up for our mailing list!

As a new club -

A club consists of approximately 6-12 excited youth participants; an interest in making projects; supportive mentors, parents, and club manager(s); an invested community; and space. Clubs can be one family or groups of families; in-school classes or after-school programs, associated with another youth-serving organization; and combinations of the above.

Check out our existing affiliated clubs, or start a new one. Clubs must register as a member.

As a club manager  -

Club managers bring together youth and mentors in clubs, often lend the use of their own space/shop and/or find another facility to use, and organize (weekly or bi-weekly) club work sessions for project work. Club managers can be parents.

As a regional coordinator -

Regional coordinators focus on coordinating the 1-5 clubs (or more) in one region, and they work to help host organizations plan monthly meetings, by purchasing supplies for workshops, leading sharing sessions, or inviting guest makers. Regional coordinators can also be club managers.

As a partner organization!

Do you already work with kids? Do you have a cadre of eager adult volunteers from the community? Maker Ed happily partners with existing organizations, whether community, school-related, or afterschool; many existing Young Makers clubs are afterschool, school, or community groups. Contact us for more information at

As a guest maker or event host -

Are you a local institution interested in hosting Young Makers events? Are you a local maker excited to show&tell? Contact us for more information on how you can get involved at

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