Young Makers Program 2013, East Bay Region


Joshua Seaver (regional coordinator)


The East Bay Region is hosted by The Lawrence Hall of Science, 1 Centennial Drive, Berkeley, CA 94720.

Meeting dates and themes

Saturday, January 19: First Open MAKE session Cities – People in cities around the world rely on new inventions. Come make something new out of recycled materials that will positively impact your city.

Saturday, February 16: Second Open MAKE session Games & Toys – Put your creative hat on and go crazy with board games, video games, and stop motion animations. Make a new creation that’s inspired by play.

Saturday, March 16: Third Open MAKE session Bikes – How can you use a bike for more than just transportation? Come make bicycle hacks like pedal powered electronics and art or learn how to fix your bicycle.

Saturday, April 20: Fourth Open MAKE session Tiny – Miniatures, nanotechnology, and the super tiny come out at our final Open MAKE of the season. Bring your little things and get inspired by the big impact your little creations can have.

More information

Meeting schedule

The schedule for each monthly meeting is

10am-noon Open MAKE
noon-1pm Plussing session
1pm-2pm Featured maker talks followed by discussion


To register for the program, fill out one season ticket form for each attendee by visiting
Registration form and selecting the Lawrence Hall of Science as your hub.

You’ll notice there are three kinds of tickets: one for adults, one for teens (ages 12-17), and one for youth (ages 8-12). It will help us plan if you register each participant in your group according to their age.

You only need to register once per persion per season. Be sure to bring a printout of your season ticket with you each month.

To help defray costs, for those who can afford it we are suggesting a donation of $75 per family. Donating is easy and tax deductible, just click on this button:


Thank you. We look forward to working with you and we hope you have a rewarding experience!