SF/North Bay January 26, 2013

Theme — Ideation


The workshop will focus on Ideation, that is, techniques for arriving at a project vision. Sketching is a key part of this phase, so the workshop will discuss tips and tricks for expressing your ideas through quick pencil sketches. The workshop will culminate in a design challenge the details of which will remain secret until posed to the group.

Featured Makers

Tricia Wright is a veteran product designer and developer, works with clients to distill their needs and guide them through the product development process, realizing the fullest potential of an idea.

Tricia has been recognized for her innovative designs - from high tech to toys. While designing wearable technologies at Paul Allen’s research firm, she developed concepts that were awarded multiple patents. As a strategic thinker and designer at Wild Planet Toys, Tricia used her creative vision to win numerous consumer and industry awards including Toy of the Year. Never satisfied with the ordinary, she is always encouraging ideas and teams to do more, be more, be better.

Knowing nearly 80% of a product’s environmental footprint is determined during the design stage, Triciaestablished Process 376, a salon for local designers to share green product ideas-many of which can be seen at SFgreenlabs.com. Passionate about using fewer resources, which increases profit AND is good for the environment, she created Rewind Lab, a line of products that uses salvaged materials and rewinds them into objects that people desire.

You can find Tricia in SF biking to the next meeting or better yet, try emailing her at tricialeewright@gmail.com.

Tony DeRose, Young Makers co-founder

Tony and his family (wife Cindy, sons Joseph and Sam) have been exhibiting at Maker Faire since 2008. Their experience in 2008 and 2009 led them to co-found the Young Makers program in the hopes of bringing more making to more kids and more families. In his spare time Tony runs the Research Group at Pixar.

Alex Jacobson, Senior at The Bay School

Alex, a founding member of the Young Makers program, has contributed to a several highly innovative Maker Faire projects. Starting with Saphira the fire breathing dragon in 2010, moving to FireJam in 2011, and most recently, The Viper in 2013.

Sam Frank, Senior at The Bay School

Sam has participated in the Young Makers program the past two years. In 2011, he partnered with Alex and John Boyer to create FireJam, and in 2012 he was responsible for software and electronics on The Viper. He is currently working on an “old-school” (analog) music synthesizer.