SF/North Bay April 13, 2013

Theme — Exhibition

An important part of the Young Makers program is sharing your completed project with the public. The workshop will help you think through how you want to stage your project at Maker Faire, what you want to say about, and what other materials you’ll need to tell the story behind your creation.

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Peggy Monahan, Exhibit Projects Creative Director, New York Hall of Science. Peggy has more than two decades of experience in museums such as the Boston Children’s Museum and San Francisco’s Exploratorium, and has created and directed exhibitions on topics ranging from genetics to creativity. She strives to create deeply interactive social exhibits that involve visitors of all ages working together for extended periods. As Director of Exhibits and Programs at The Tech Museum, she adapted a design-challenge methodology for use in exhibitions and floor programs, refocusing the museum’s efforts to truly live out their core ideology, “Inspiring the innovator in everyone.” Ms. Monahan is currently leading the creative development of three exhibitions, including the Design Lab, a 9000 sq ft exhibition dedicated to in-depth design activities (opening in 2014). Shawn Thorsson is the founder and sole proprietor of Thorsson & Associates Workshop, a small business focused on fabrication of custom prop and costume pieces as well as the world’s finest line of militarized lawn ornaments. As a recidivist tinkerer with a restless mind, he’s always on the lookout for new was to use tools, techniques, and materials to twist and adapt into projects that are constantly becoming larger, more complex, and more ambitious.

Check out some of Shawn’s amazing costumes like those from Halo shown here:

Plussing session (10-11)

Plussing sessions are an opportunity to share your in-progress work with other project teams. Read more about plussing sessions and why we have them.

Be sure to bring as much of your work so far as possible. Lists of project ideas, sketches, early prototypes, etc., are all appropriate. Be prepared to answer questions like: what is your project idea, how did you come up with it, what materials will be required, what do you expect with be the most difficult or challenging part, etc.

Workshop (11-12:30)

Workshop details are still being finalized.

Lunch (12:30-1:00)

Be sure to bring a sack lunch and a beverage.