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Tell people how you made your project.

Write up how you did it, so others can do it too.
  • Use Make:Projects to put together the instructions. The site will give you a template so you can think about all the things that people need to know about putting it together.
  • Make sure you have adequate light for your photographs. Sun is a great source of light for pictures!
  • Take great pictures and they can speak for themselves.
  • Test-build a project by wiping your brain of everything you know about your project and then explicitly following your own instructions, or having someone else follow it to the letter. (You might find something is missing.)
  • You might want to find some kits with instructions that are similarly complex and use those as models. The instruction manual for Blinkybugs has lots of details and photos of just about every step.
  • Keep it simple. 

Check out the Guide for Visual Communication created by Howtoons.


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