Young Makers Program synopsis

Program goal: Inspire and develop the next generation of makers, creators, and innovators. Create a community of like-minded youth, parents, and other adults interested in this goal.

Key attributes: Exhibition vs competition, youth-driven, open-ended, interdisciplinary (art, science, engineering, math, crafts, green tech, …), community based.

Young Maker clubs
We imagine that Young Maker clubs will consist of 5-10 youth aged 12-17 organized into project teams. (Some Young Makers may choose to work alone, others may choose to work together.) Each team will have one or more experienced mentors whose main responsibilty is to help the team realize their vision for a project to be exhibited at Maker Faire in May. Along the way, we encourage mentors to exploit “teachable moments” to explain underlying math, science, and engineering concepts. Mentors should also be expected to pass on their knowledge of tool usage and safety.

Each club should have a designated club manager who is responsible for recruiting Young Makers, mentors, and one or more shop hosts. A shop host is an adult who has access to shop facilities, and is knowledgable about the usage and safety of tools in the shop. We expect that many shops will consist of little more than a few tools in a garage, while others may be more advanced. It is surprising how much can be done with limited shop facilities, so don’t let this deter you!

For more details, visit How to participate.

Goal for this year: Establish 10-12 Young Maker clubs around the Bay Area.

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