MatchMAKER is a service intended for those participating in the 2013 season of the Young Makers Program in the California Bay Area. If it proves successful, we will open it up for use everywhere.

The left column contains a set of requests called "I need" post-its. The right column contains a set of "I have" post-its. Examples of "I needs" are requests for a specific tool, or mentors for a project. Examples of "I haves" are mentors advertising their availability to help with one or more projects, or someone with a specialized tool that they're willing to let others use.

If you see a post-it that you'd like to respond to, send email to the submitter by clicking on their name. (Note to parents: we do not vet or do background checks of mentors, so you should monitor communications. For in person mentoring we recommend always working in a group.)

Create post-its of your own. (For adults only. Until we gain some experience with this service we are restricting the creation of post-its to adults. If you are under the age of 18, please have a parent or your club manager create the post-it for you using their name and email address.)

Bay School (North Bay)

I need...I have...
Wondering if anyone has any recent experience using Alibaba and other Chinese suppliers/sources. I recently made four purchases from three different suppliers and am awaiting receipt. I ordered just before Chinese New Year, so I am not expecting the lead times for these orders to be typical. This was useful, but it is a bit dated now.

Reece Boullianne
I want to build a robot smurf, about 4 feet tall. can anyone help me? Thanks, Reece

Laurent Boullianne
I want to build three things: 1. a fire breathing creeper (minecraft) 2. a bicycle you can ride on top of ice and snow. 3. a drone cameracopter Can anyone help me?

Tony DeRose
This is an example of an I need Post It....I am looking for a mentor to help with a project to build a flying saucer. I specifically need someone with knowledge of magnetically confined fusion.

Brandon Chen
Software engineers! We\\\'ve made a hoverboard (two pieces of wood held together and a shower curtain wrapping it). It floats when someone stands on it, but can\\\'t move. We want to transform it into a video game, and are thinking of just modifying an existing game like Temple Run or Subway Surfers to work with our board. However, none of us are proficient at programming. Are there any software engineers who\\\'d like to help? Thank you!

Samuel DeRose
This is an example of an I Have Post It......I have experience welding and soldering, but most of my time is spent creating Lego stop motion films.

Lawrence Hall of Science (East Bay)

I need...I have...

The Tech (South Bay)

I need...I have...
We are looking for a power wheels or similar ride-on kids vehicle. I\'m working with a team of four Young Makers who wish to create a solar car.