The Young Makers program started as a pilot at the Exploratorium, with about 20 kids in its first year. Because they were scattered geographically, the next step for the program was to encourage participants from the pilot club to create clubs in their own local neighborhoods. By seeding new clubs in this way and finding some new club managers too, the program grew to about 100 Young Makers in the second year. The Exploratorium then was no longer a club site, but a “hub” for a dozen clubs around the Bay Area.

As the Maker movement in general and the Young Makers program in particular gains traction and interest in more regions, we expect that more and more regional hubs will emerge. If you’d like to find out more about starting a hub in your region, we’d love to hear from you. Just contact us.

The 2013 season of the Young Makers program has expanded to three hubs around the Bay Area: The Lawrence Hall of Science for clubs in the East Bay, The Tech Museum of Innovation for clubs in the South Bay, and The Bay School of San Francisco for clubs in SF and the North Bay.

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Meeting dates (and themes) are:

  • Lawrence Hall of Science: January 19 (Cities), February 16 (Games and Toys), March 16 (Bikes), and April 20 (Tiny, as in nano tech).
  • The Tech: January 12 (Robots), February 16 (Flight), March 16 (Wearable Tech), and April 13 (Music).
  • The Bay School: January 26 (Ideation and sketching), February 23 (Protoyping and documenting), March 23 (Fabrication), and April 13 (Exhibition).