Participation in the Young Makers program is free, but we do encourage those who can afford it to donate to support the program.  

We suggest a donation of $100 per family, but you can give any amount you like over $10. Again, contributions are not required to be able to attend Open MAKE or to exhibit at Maker Faire. 

The Exploratorium will collect donations which are earmarked to support the ongoing work and functioning of Young Makers in an account they are maintaining for us. 100% of your donation supports our program if and only if you write a note indicating your wishes when you donate
  • If you will mail your donation to the Exploratorium, be sure to note in your attached letter or the donation form that your donation is intended to support the Young Makers program.
  • If you use the Exploratorium's online web donation page, fill in the "Notes / Comments" field at the bottom of the form indicating your wish that the donation is used for Young Makers. 
And don't forget to find out if your employer will match your gift!

Thank you for your support!

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