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ZettaTech Science

San Francisco, California
Contact: Shumit DasGupta

ZettaTech Science is an organization that hosts after-school programs, seasonal camps, demonstrations, and private events. At ZettaTech, we focus on blending art and science to get kids to learn through making. We believe that anyone can understand and enjoy science when it is taught with the right pedagogy and process. We use project-based learning to have kids learn through real-life experience. We aim to make learning fun and we know that kids have the most fun when they get to play, experiment, and create. ZettaTech does Toddler Tech classes where we teach kids age 3-5 how to make paper, experiment with non-Newtonian liquids, bind simple books, and so much more. ZettaTech hosts lego classes that get kids age K-5 to build cantilever bridges, build wind powered vehicles, design solar powered drag-racers, along with a host of other wonderful projects. ZettaTech also hosts programs like our FLIGHT! series, our Roboto Picasso classes, and we are currently developing an 8-week course in printmaking for kids. ZettaTech is constantly developing new curriculum and fine-tuning our existing curriculum. We love living up to our tag-line \"Science for Everyone.\" Nothing makes us happier than to get a group of kids talking about gear ratios or photovoltaic solar energy as if they are talking about their favorite candy.

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