Clubs with Makers exist in schools, community centers, and in neighborhoods. Some are open to new members, and others are only for the youth who are already part of the institution that hosts the club. To add your group to the directory, please fill out our Affiliated Clubs Application.

Radland Robotics

Rochester, New York
Contact: Terry Radigan

We hold club every Saturday at 2pm at my home/workshop. Radland Robotics is a NPO with a mission to teach technology and practical making skills to young people and adults. We hold Makers Club every Saturday for the kids to get hands-on building time. We have a shop with CNC milling machines, welding and fabrication equipment, industrial woodworking machines, access to a laser cutter, and currently building our own 3D printer. The kids have been making a variety of robotic creations using servos and Arduino. Currently under construction by a 12 year old girl is an 8 legged SpiderBot having 24 servos and a webcam. The kids are learning programming, basic electronic circuits, kinematics, and how to program a CNC machine among other things. The atmosphere is relaxed, creative, constructive, and hopefully fun for the kids.

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