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San Rafael, California
Contact: Kevin Rumon

This year's project is an exploration of the possibilities with individually-addressable RGB LEDs and their interaction with organic forms and music. We haven't exactly figured out (ok, we have no idea whatsoever) what we will be bringing to Maker Faire in May, but we hope to have an epiphany sometime before midnight, May 18, 2013.

We are using the Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms and off-the-shelf (read: cheap) re-purposed LED components. Despite repeated requests from the kids, we do not anticipate having any pyrotechnics, explosives, or a 100' tall Tesla coil.

Our team has a couple 10 and 11-year old kids of questionable pedigree and poor hygiene wrangled by a couple caffeine-addled parents who appear to have forgotten much of what they learned in engineering school. Turns out that there's a lot of pavement between then and now.

Our objective is to give the kids a platform for creative expression with microcontrollers, LEDs, simple sensors, and peculiar uses of everyday objects. We will not measure our success solely by what we bring to Maker Faire, but more so by how often we hear the kids say, “I made that.”

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