Clubs with Makers exist in schools, community centers, and in neighborhoods. Some are open to new members, and others are only for the youth who are already part of the institution that hosts the club. To add your group to the directory, please fill out our Affiliated Clubs Application.

Lighthouse Charter Makers

Oakland, California
Contact: Aaron Vanderwerff

A K-12 public charter school in Oakland Unified with 80% low-income enrollment, Lighthouse has sent about 40 juniors and seniors to exhibit at the last two Maker Faires. Lighthouse introduced a making thread to its robotics elective, hoping to engage the students who weren’t as inspired by the robotics competitions. To start the year, the students build skills in woodworking, sewing/crafting, soldering, and using an Arduino. The school is hosting a Mini Maker Faire just for its students to help the class prepare for the big Maker Faire in May. Independent projects have included an underwater ROV, electronic pillow, motorized stroller, dance pad, robotic trebuchet, 3D scanner, and more.

This year\'s projects include an LED tutu, an electric vehicle conversion, a electronic popup book, a solar go-cart, a robotic minecraft character, a three person bike, and an LED headlamp (for a car).

In addition, Lighthouse is working to open a K-12 Makerspace in the Fall of 2013. We hope to expand our making activities to all students in the school both during and outside of class time by providing teachers with the resources they need to plan and carry out Making projects.

Please contact us with questions, thoughts, or interest in assisting us with our vision.

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