Clubs with Makers exist in schools, community centers, and in neighborhoods. Some are open to new members, and others are only for the youth who are already part of the institution that hosts the club. To add your group to the directory, please fill out our Affiliated Clubs Application.

Young Makers

Augusta, GA
Contact: Grace Belangia

Our mission for Young Makers of Greater Augusta is to give kids an experiential learning experience by providing ample space, resources, instruction, and support that will allow them to create and share amazing things using modern tools and methods. We believe that kids are capable of doing and creating amazing, complex, difficult, and beautiful things. ? We believe that much of the best learning and creating is social, and that the opportunity to create things as part of a group is critical for kids to experience and to help them develop mentally and socially. ? We believe that the act of making things accelerates the learning process, and the learning that takes place while making things is multidisciplinary and much more powerful than learning through passive observation. ? We believe that an important part of the experiential learning process is sharing. The final product should be shared, as should the process of making and what you learned through it. We want to help young makers do this in part through project presentations and through the construction of their own, positive, online presence. ? We believe that STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) are integral parts of a well rounded education, and we strive to pick up where the school system leaves off.

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