Clubs with Makers exist in schools, community centers, and in neighborhoods. Some are open to new members, and others are only for the youth who are already part of the institution that hosts the club. To add your group to the directory, please fill out our Affiliated Clubs Application.


Union City, CA
Contact: Subhash Nair

IoT4Kids (Internet of Things for Kids) is a club we are planning to form in the neighborhood to encourage kids 8+ get an early start to programming, art, crafts and 2D/3D design. With the intention guiding kids to build/make projects. I started out with getting my son interested in Arduino, Raspberry Pi and 3D printing after attending couple of Maker Faires. You can see his projects at Several kids of his age have shown interest in learning and making projects. Therefore, exploring this option of starting a Young Makers Club. Appreciate your considering this application and I look forward to a positive response. Thank you!

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