Clubs with Makers exist in schools, community centers, and in neighborhoods. Some are open to new members, and others are only for the youth who are already part of the institution that hosts the club. To add your group to the directory, please fill out our Affiliated Clubs Application.

Maker Station

Carbondale, COLORADO (CO)
Contact: Steve Kaufman

This past summer, I created a makerspace in Grand Junction Colorado. It will soon host the city's first robotics hub and begin teaching how to build a 3D printer. It will have sponsorship from the local chamber of commerce, local businesses, and the community college. We currently own 5 3D, reprap printers. A smaller maker space is being constructed at a local middle school in Basalt Colorado where I currently run an after school programming class. That small space, about 400 square feet, is scheduled to be completed in November. A larger space, also in Basalt, two adjacent 750 square foot rooms on the grounds of a private school, is in the planning stage and should be completed in February. The club I wish to start first will be affiliated with the two schools in Basalt. There is great support among students, parents, teachers and the two school principals. We would love to be able to participate in a maker faire in Denver in May and perhaps also do a local mini-maker faire in order to help develop the movement. Both Basalt clubs will start with a reprap printer and more traditional maker tools. NOTE: the "Club Region" portion of this application form lists Southeast twice and does not list Southwest. We are in the Southwest region.

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