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TechGYRLS of the YWCA of Silicon Valley

San Jose, California
Contact: Samantha King

The TechGYRLS of the YWCA Silicon Valley has developed a program that answers the need to engage more girls in STEM and it does it in a way that is innovative and powerful! The San Jose area is an extremely diverse area, and the TechGYRLS program runs in schools that serve predominantly underrepresented students. The TechGYRLS of the YWCA Silicon Valley is leading the way in empowering curriculum and programming for girls in expanded learning environments. The overarching mission of the YWCA Silicon Valley TechGYRLS program is to empower girls, especially underrepresented girls, to explore and gain confidence with STEM, and to encourage them to pursue careers within STEM Fields. The program promotes creativity and innovation, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication, through exposure to hands-on STEM projects including robotics, coding, engineering/design challenges, and making with the Young Makers program. To further support the individual growth and leadership development of the TechGYRLS participants, YWCA Silicon Valley provides a multi-level mentorship program with peer-to-peer mentoring, mentoring from female college students enrolled in STEM programs, and mentoring through community volunteers. The program thrives in large part because of their exceptional community partnerships that enable them to offer innovative and cutting edge programing to TechGYRLS participants. These partners include the TechShop of San Jose, the San Jose State University Jay Pinson STEM Academy, Intel Corporation, and the Maker ED-Young Makers program. Through these partnerships the YWCA has developed an exciting new TechGYRLS Makers program with the TechShop of San Jose and Intel.

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