Young Makers: Register to Exhibit

Registration deadline: April 3, 2013

Exhibiting your Young Makers project at Bay Area Maker Faire 2013 requires two forms.
(1) The first, quick form (below) tells the Young Makers program about your project and exhibit needs.
(2) Then you'll go tell the Maker Faire production team about it by filling out the Maker Faire Exhibit Form. Hint: When you do, write "Young Makers Program" in response to the Placement Request question (it's in Step 1 of 4) so they know you're with us.

Your registration for Maker Faire is not complete until you have filled out the Maker Exhibit form.

Why is the second Maker Exhibit form important?

  • It ensures your project will be advertised on the Maker Faire website leading up to Maker Faire.
  • You'll get a keepsake poster describing your project.
  • You'll be able to enter Maker Faire through Maker Check-in with your Maker badge and one chaperone ticket.
  • You'll be added to a big database with all the other Makers, so that in the year 2038 we can go back and see your first projects in your full Maker Faire history!

New options for 2013:

  • Don't have anything to exhibit? We encourage you to show what you have even if it's not quite done, and even work on it in our Young Makers area during Maker Faire. But you may choose, instead, to facilitate a hands-on activity. Apply to be a facilitator if you'd prefer to participate that way.
  • We've added the option of also applying to represent Young Makers on stage! If you're interested, you can use the form below to apply to do a short presentation by sending us a 1- or 2-minute video overview of your project. (It doesn't have to be a fancy video--just talk to us about yourproject on screen.)

What happens next:

  • You should receive email confirmation of your registration from Young Makers immediately.
  • You might get a note from the Maker Faire Production Team saying that they are no longer taking applications, especially if the proposal deadline has passed. Ignore it! Prior to Maker Faire you'll receive another message from us notifying you where and when to set up your exhibit.

Important things to remember:

  • Our Young Makers deadline for BOTH forms is April 1.
  • Don't worry about the March 15 deadline for Maker Faire registration --- it is being extended for us.
  • All participating Young Makers will receive a day pass to the Faire for themselves and one adult.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you -- and we look forward to seeing you at Maker Faire!

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Project blog or website *
(It is fast and easy to create blogs and websites using services such as tumblr, blogger, or google sites.)

Project description (you'll need this for your Maker Faire registration too) *

Have any of your team members exhibited before at Maker Faire? *

Are you interested in applying to do a stage presentation about your project? *

If you selected yes in the previous question, you need to provide a link to a short (1 or 2 minute) video overview of your project.
Video link:

How long an exhibition slot would you like? Projects with two or more Young Makers need to exhibit for 4 hours to qualify for day passes to the Faire. *
  2 hours
  4 hours
  my project will NOT be exhibited in the Young Makers area (for instance, it is part of another group with its own area).

If you opted for 2 or 4 hours in the previous question, when are you NOT available to exhibit:
  I cannot exhibit on May 18 (Saturday) morning
  I cannot exhibit on May 18 (Saturday) afternoon
  I cannot exhibit on May 18 (Saturday) evening
  I cannot exhibit on May 19 (Sunday) morning
  I cannot exhibit on May 19 (Sunday) afternoon

Does your exhibit have any special needs (requires darkness, unusual power, etc.)? You can also use this field to tell us anything else we need to know about your exhibit.

Would you like your project to be publicly listed on the Young Makers website? *