2010 Mentors

Danny Fukuba is a young engineering / design enthusiast. He has been involved with FIRST robotics and combat robots for 6 years. He has been
seen on the Revision 3 network for his work on the show "Systm" and is trying to make as many things in the world as possible open source. 
Danny worked with Joseph and Colin on the Longboard Trucks.
Joshua "Yoshi" Seaver
is an interaction design at Pixar. He started his making career around age 8, fashioning a (quite oversized) Storm Trooper helmet out of chicken wire, paper mache and aviator sun glasses. Before Pixar, he worked on many physical-computing kiosks for science museums combining hardware, software & unique input devices. He's currently tinkering with the possibilities of Processing, Arduino, and recycled materials. When not pushing pixels in various ways, he loves cooking, taking hikes, and sketching/painting with traditional media. Yoshi worked with Jahnavi, Pearl, and Hana on the Habitable.

Tony Pratkanis is a proud eight-year member of theworld famous Homebrew Robotics Club of Silicon Valley. At the very first Maker Faire, he exhibited his robot, Solenopsis Invicta, (a four time gold medal winner in fire-fighting at Robogames). He is currently employed as a programmer at Willow Garage where he works on the Texai and PR2 robots. 
Tony worked with 
Jeremy on the mobile robotic spy camera.

David Liguori also 
worked with Jeremy on the mobile 
 spy camera.

Shawn Neely
 grew up with a passion for making and fixing things, and loves passing his skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm along to others. He works as a software developer at Pixar Animation Studios but also enjoys numerous creative hobbies and using both sides of the brain. Shawn was a charter subscriber to Make magazine and attended the first Maker Faire in 2006. Participation in the Burning Man Project desert festival has fueled his interest in fire arts and flame effects, but he still espouses the nickname “Mr. Safety”. Shawn worked with Nathaniel on the Flame Chopper and with Sam, Alex, and Joseph on Saphira, the fire-breathing dragon.
Colin Bodell is the Vice President of Website Application Platform at He’s been a back-yard tinkerer since he could walk (building forts out of boxes of diapers!). More recent projects include a half-scale cable car for a middle school dance and a lighting rig for a high-school garage rave. Colin loves to travel, weld and enjoys all of the construction possibilities afforded by Schedule 40 PVC pipe. Colin worked with Evan on the Laddervator.

Tony DeRose is a researcher at Pixar Animation Studios. He loves working in the garage with his two sons on various wacky engineering projects, many of which are a combination of hardware and software. He has attended every Bay Area Maker Faire and has exhibited at the Faire since 2008. Other interests include travel and nature photography. 
Tony worked with Team Saphira and all the project teams.

Michael Cooney has a degree in engineering that "has not been put to good use", so he indulges his son’s passion for creating stuff out of somewhat still useful household objects. Michael worked with Nathaniel on the Flame Chopper.

Eliot Smyrl is a programmer and technical director at Pixar Animation Studios. He and all four of his sons (ages 4-12) love building and inventing. He also creates websites, occasionally plays the trumpet, and loves camping and backpacking. Eliot worked with Mathias on his liquid dispenser.

Brian Green makes CG puppets at Pixar Animation Studios. At home 
he loves spending time with his four children w
ho all have diverse interests. Brian's other interests range from scuba diving to triathlons. Brian worked with Jeremy on a motion-control rig for stop-motion animation.

Michelle Hlubinka is the Education Director for Maker Media, overseeing educational outreach and programming. Her making is often 2D, but she has been known to dabble in the third dimension, especially for the 2000+ trick-or-treaters on her street. Although not a true Mentor paired with a project team, Michelle worked with all the Young Makers during the monthly meetups and in organizing the group and its presence at Maker Faire.
Karen Wilkinson and
 Mike Petrich direct 
the Learning Studio at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. 
Although not true Mentors paired with  project teams, they led workshops during the Open MAKE hands-on workshop sessions at the Exploratorium and facilitated the inspiring interviews with each month's Featured Makers.

Tom Myers worked with Jake on the Super Levitron.

These were some of the mentors who helped with the Young Makers' projects for Maker Faire Bay Area 2010. Some will be returning for future Maker Faires, but we've provided them here as illustrative of the range of skills they brought to the program.


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